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Culinary Noodle Kitchen

Not only do “We Love Noodles” at the Culinary Noodle Kitchen, everything we do involves some type of  “Noodling.”

About Us

Chinese Fusion By Chef Li.  “We Love Noodles." Chef Li and his team make fresh noodles and dumplings daily. Offering a variety of original Chinese Noodle Plates, Soup Noodle Bowls, a Variety of Pan-Fried and Boiled Dumplings, as well as a smorgasbord of authentic and non-traditional Chinese cuisine, that will satisfy your senses, with flavors and spices to tingle your soul.


We “Noodle” in the present, daily. Chef Li creates new dishes tirelessly, creatively and culturally diverse from a variety of Chinese combinations, uncovering the new and unknown flavors and spices in the kitchen, that we ultimately serve to you, our most important advocate, our loyal customers.

We create original and authentic  “Noodling” from every walk of life. 

We guarantee monthly, sometimes weekly original & authentic  “Noodling” from every walk of life. 

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